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    1. Alan in Australia Post author

      Mashni’s complaint is interesting, if misguided. Australia defends the right to pursue its own foreign policy in line with its own interests, culture and beliefs as a largely successful multicultural society. Mashni’s interpretation of that policy has no legal standing, but, rather, smacks of self-interested grandstanding. If, as he claims, he feels personally discriminated against as a member of this or that group, there are competent, working avenues of redress other than filing a legal complaint against a government on the basis of his personal (non-legal) interpretations, interests and biases.
      I note that nowhere in the 3 articles u brought to my attention about Mashni’s complaints about May 2021 in Gaza, does Mashni actually state WHY there occured a violent outbreak of hostilities in Gaza given the verifiable historical records of UNGA 181 and 242.
      Thanks for taking the time to add items of interest per your comment(s); you are always welcome to add further relevant objective reports. Alan


      1. Lana

        Of course, they never mention anything about thousands of rockets having been indiscriminately launched at Israeli civilians. Or the fact that Hamas uses civilians as human shields. Thereby very often putting Israeli into very ambiguous (understated word really for what is rather an impossible) circumstance when it comes to ethical decision making. Impossible when it comes to making decisions about “our lives or theirs”. What army would be expected to suicide it’s own people for the sake of others? An army of any nation is designed to defend its citizens.
        Thank you very much for your response. I read one of your very excellent articles the other day and found you here online. I could not find an email address so was happy to find this blog. Could you possibly email me? I want to ask you something briefly in email?
        Thank you very much, Lana


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