I am a secular Jew living in Australia. I support Israel.

I believe in the concept of a fair go, even if the people concerned are Jewish or Israeli.

With regards to the 66 year Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I believe in the concept of two states for two peoples with dignity and security for both.*

I also believe in fair and balanced reporting and in the dissemination of fact, and this blog is the contribution of yet one more individual to the fast-increasing chorus of voices who are staking their claim to hold purveyors of pernicious Palestinian propaganda and demonization accountable.
Thank you for stopping by to read these pages.

May 5774 be a fulfilling, safe and happy year for you and your family.

* Update: Dec 2018: I no longer believe in a 2-state solution. Just the past 4 years have shown that the Levantine Arabs are solely interested in diminshing the functiong of a jewish state in the Middle East. I support a confederation of the erroneously termed “West Bank” with Jordan ( a return to what was (1948-1967). Gaza is welcome to wallow in its own miseries despite the best intentions of the Israelis.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. anneinpt

    Thank you for following my blog and I’m delighted to have discovered yours. I wish you the best of luck on this important, exciting yet frustrating enterprise. We need every voice we can get in our fight to protect Israel’s legitimacy. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.


  2. anneinpt

    I’ve just read your 2 latest posts and both are absolutely excellent. Are you on Twitter and/or Facebook that people can follow you? You will get a much wider audience.


      1. anneinpt

        I’m definitely going to do that later today.

        I’ve also set up my own twitter feed to automatically tweet out your new posts. You can see on my own feed @anneinpt that your last post was posted by me (automatically).


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