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Why Israel frustrates its delegitimisers

Israel as Legal entity

What is most insidious in the ongoing disinformation campaign to delegitimise the State of Israel by academics and demagogues alike, is the presentation of small untruths which, if they go unchallenged, become part of a larger false narrative re. Israel and the “Palestinians”. They become accepted by an uncritical readership as historical fact.

In an opinion piece in Al Jazeera, John Bell, a former United Nations Political Adviser to the Personal Representative of the UN Secretary-General for southern Lebanon, states that “In the case of Mandate Palestine, the division into two states was never completed and, instead, the matter settled into chronic conflict.”

This, of course, is quite inaccurate.

That is to say, insofar as a legal determination under international law had been made, the newly-created State of Israel accepted the borders given it while the Arabs initiated a war of “annihilation”.

In reply, as David Singer so succinctly stated it, “Transjordan became an independent sovereign State in 78% of Mandate Palestine on 22 March 1946 and Israel an independent sovereign State in the remaining 22% of Palestine on 15 May 1948.” (Singer). There was no mention of a Palestinian “nation”, “people” or “state” as the term had not yet been invented…….

Much as he would like to revise or bypass history, the facts for Bell will always remain incontrovertible and unchanged.

The San Remo Conference of 1920 drafted the map of the Middle East as we know it today. It was later confirmed in the Mandate for Palestine, 1922, and approved by the 52 members of the League of Nations to highlight and protect the pre-existing rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

If, as Israel’s “peace partner” the PA and the chattering anti-Israel lobby would have you believe, the creation of the State of Israel was always an illegal creation in the first instance, then by that same token, the exclusively Arab states of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan are illegitimate entities as well

On the other hand, if the above-mentioned Arab states are legal, then so too is the creation of the State of Israel because it too arose out of the same 1920 disposition of the Middle East territories previously held by the defeated Ottoman Empire.

Those who would see Israel delegitimized and/or dismembered claim that the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers had no authority in the first place to create a new political entity in the geographical area of Palestine. That line of thinking would prove problematic for countries like Serbia, Bosnia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland which were created in the wake of WWI by that same Supreme Council………….

Enshrined in international law and supported by both charters from the League of Nations AND the United Nations, the modern State of Israel has an unequivocal/unambiguous legal claim to the Land of Israel in the 3 % of Ottoman territory allocated it by the San Remo Conference way back in 1920.

And it is this anchoring in the internationally acknowledged and unequivocal legality of the right of the Jewish State to exist dating back to 1920 that so bothers those who would like to see the demise of the Jewish State.

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C.R.A.P – Countering Racist Anti-israel Propaganda

Welcome to this inaugral blog of C.R.A.P. dated 26th May 2014.
Over the past 40 years or so, there has been a steady increase in the volume of increasingly strident anti-Israel propaganda.
The issue is that it is also propaganda which has a more sinister goal at its core: the demonisation and de-legitimisation of a sovereign country voted into existence under international law and, by extension, the de-legitimisation of the rights of an ancient indigenous, dispersed people’s religious and cultural identity in their spiritual and cultural homeland.

That country is the State of Israel; the people are Jews the world over.

C.R.A.P now enjoins the battle for the hearts and minds of the thinking reader in the fight against religious racism and a monopolising Islamic media and cultural hegemony in Australia, Europe and North America.
Check back here if you find material of interest on the blog.
There is never smoke without fire, and the flames of a growing, virulent anti-semitism need to be doused before they develop again into the furnaces of Europe in the 1940s…….