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Of Islam, ideology and Supremacism

For many Muslims, Islam is inextricably interwoven with a doctrine of armed jihad and supremacy over non-Muslims and/or apostates.

In Lebanon, the claim by a recent public opinion poll that only 1 percent of adult Lebanese Sunnis are supportive of the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) must be taken with a large pinch of salt since there is a vast gulf between how people say they behave and how they actually behave. There is also the Hezbollah security police to take into consideration…..

In Qatar, for example, 81% of 56,000 people equally recently polled said they supported ISIS and their methods of establishing a Caliphate. Not scientific, but revealing.

While Shiites believe that the Caliphate usurped the rights to the succession of Muhammad’s household, Sunnis have viewed the Caliph as their legitimate leader for thirteen centuries; they view a Caliphate as the state of Muslim glory and justice.

Given the fact that only 15% of the world’s 1.7 billion Muslims are Shia, for hundreds of millions of Muslims, armed jihad is concomitant with practising Islam. The ‘liberal” “interfaith” face of Islam presented by those Islamists and their apologists who profess to want dialogue is just that: a façade which is overwhelmingly outvoted by huge Sunni populations the world over.

American presidents past and present may say as many times as they like, that Islam is a religion of peace. Recorded history, even for US presidents, shows that, from time immemorial, Islam has never, anywhere in the world, lived in peace with any other religion, minor or major.

Thus, Sunni organisations like ISIS are no exception to the customary approach of Muslim power projected through armed violence, and exaggerated armed violence, coercion and subjugation at that.

In other words, it is not inconceivable that an overwhelming majority of around 800,000 million Muslims the world over support the rationale is that only extreme terror can help construct the Islamic state on the ashes of degenerate apostate and/or non-Muslim regimes. That is to say, the use of awesome power, as gross and as graphic as possible, is requisite to the subjugation of enemies.

Suicide bombing as a tool of armed jihad in the Middle East AND Europe is a new phenomenon.

Between the end of World War II and the Iranian revolution, there were no suicide attacks in the world. Yet only months after Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini solidified power and formed the Pasdaran and Basij militias, suicide attacks began to appear in conflicts involving Shiites (Lebanon, the Iran-Iraq war) (Caschetta).

Soon after, because it was seen to be good, it then took root among Palestinian Sunni groups until it eventually became the preferred tactic of the Islamist terror organizations we see today (Caschetta). Khomeini and Iran cynically manipulated Islamic tradition to secure a victory for purely sectarian ends.

Despite the blurred/mistranslated/wilfully misrepresented interpretations of sura 4:29, an examination of the three most common English translations of the Qur’an, those of Ahmed Raza Khan, Marmaduke Pickthal, and Yusef Ali, alerts readers to just how loosely it is possible to interpret the phrase wa-la taqtulu anfusakum: Khan’s translation reads, “do not kill one another,” Pickthal’s reads, “kill not one another,” and Ali’s reads, “Nor kill (or destroy) yourselves.

Modern day jihadi ideologues and theoreticians of suicide terrorism such as ideologues from Al-Qaeda (Zawahiri), Hezbollah (Fadhalla, Nasrallah) and Hamas (Yassin, Rantisi) have hijacked the original meaning of the sura.

They have wilfully blurred the line between suicide and martyrdom. These manipulators of Islam misanthropically maintain that ending one’s life “out of depression and despair” is suicide, but ending one’s life “to service Islam” is martyrdom. And martyrdom in the service of the revival of the caliphate and/or Muslim supremacy is a core belief of Sunni Islamism and the achievement of mainstream Muslim glory…………

The success of the Muslim religious ideologues is that they have succeeded in presenting Islam “backed” by (wilful misrepresentation of) Quranic text to recruit, promote, justify, extol, and mythologize suicide as martyrdom in a sexual paradise. (Just a thought: do female suicide bombers also get to sample the 72 female virgins, or is there a male cohort of virgins as well?)

The assertions of intellectual ideologues like Edward Said have always been hotly disputed and refuted and may become the subject of a later post. After all, there is only so much you can sheet home to current day colonisers/occupiers such as China in Tibet and Turkey in northern Cyprus. The “occupation made me do it” position of Islamic jihad is trite, hackneyed and, to put it simply, wrong.

On the front of economic jihad, cultural Islamic ideologues like Barghouti have captured the imagination of disaffected college youth looking for a cause, in addition to more mature adult anti-semites in business and government who are quite comfortable not to examine the core foundations and raison d’etre of the BDS movement.

By their own account, the BDS movement is a global campaign aimed at ending Israeli “occupation” and “colonization” of “Palestinian” land and acceptance of the “right to return” of over 5 million Arabs to the Jewish State of Israel as we currently know it.

If the BDS movement maintains that the lands that were called Palestine were indeed occupied, they are correct. Mandated Palestine post-1948 was occupied and colonised. But by Egypt in Gaza and the Hashemite Kingdom of Trans-Jordan in the west bank and East Jerusalem. They created historical facts through illegal violent occupation, ethnic cleansing of Jews, and colonisation.

Analysts who refer to these lands as “occupied” today have a responsibility to stipulate that the occupiers were not Israelis, but Muslim Arabs, and that it was only after until after the Six-Day War in 1967 that those same Arabs lost the territory after initiating another land war with Israel. Those Arabs would very much like to erase international law which states that any land taken in in a defensive war is open to negotiation at the discretion of the victorious party. Unfortunately for them, Israel has correctly maintained a land for peace approach for the past 50 years as well as returned land to Egypt and Gaza.

Thus, the BDS movement has some way to go to convince international courts that Israel is occupying anything. However, and again by their own accounts, the BDS movement’s own Omar Barghouti makes himself clear as to the real motives behind the BDS movement: “I am completely and categorically against binationalism because it assumes that there are two nations with equal moral claims to the land…Definitely, most definitely we oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine. No Palestinian, rational Palestinian…will ever accept a Jewish state in Palestine.”

There’s not much more to add to that statement of intent.

Meanwhile, the Muslim juggernaut continues to use western values and naivety against itself.

Those who know, will continue to resist the juggernaut.

This because they know suicide bombings in order to facilitate Muslim supremacy and glory have never been the campaign motif of any religion other than Islam. The stakes have rarely been higher.