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The Truth in the Heart

As I see it, the Backlash has begun in earnest. From Melanie Phillips in the UK to the government of France, to the Prime Ministers of Canada and the Czech Republic, political Islam is being outed for the violent, intransigent, supremacist code it is.

It has taken over 45 years for much of the West to realise that the problem in the ME is not Israel, but political Islam.

For far too long, Israel has spurned the idea of countering the (very successful) propaganda initiative run by the Arab world. It is not “Palestinian” propaganda, because there has never been a political, cultural, social or religious entity known as the “Palestinians” in recorded history. If it were not for vast sums of Arab oil wealth channeled into the Middle East proxy conflict, “Palestinian” Arabs would have reached an agreement with the Israelis decades ago, or at least in 2000 with the stunning Clinton/Barak Camp David offer, if not in 2008 when then Prime Minister Olmert offered to withdraw from 93% of the West Bank in order to bring about a peace settlement with the Arabs.

For far too long, Israel has let its enemies portray its presence on the West Bank as a criminal act. This has allowed passive-aggressive pseudo-rights organisations like BDS to isolate Israel as a criminal state, because its major piece of evidence is the “illegal occupation” of Jerusalem and the West Bank. The Mandate powers did not call present day Jordan trans-Jordan for nothing and NO amount of clever PR will change that historical fact. More  below.

The (very successful) propaganda initiative is entirely an Arab Muslim long-term strategy to use diplomacy where violence failed in removing the Jewish state. That strategy has centred on using the displaced Arabs in the War of Independence as a proxy for the longer war on the Jewish State begun prior to 1948. Displaced Israeli Arabs, it must be noted, who were urged by their leadership to evacuate the nascent Jewish state so that the waiting Arab armies massed on three borders could come in and wipe out the Jewish state without spilling (too much??) Muslim blood……

I do not believe, as current Israeli Foreign Minister Hotovely does, that the creation of the State of Israel is a religion-based/Biblical right as such. But if Islam, by dint of the Quran, can claim that they have suzerainty over Jerusalem 1,300 years after the establishment of monotheistic Judaism in the city and in the land of judea and samaria for example, merely because the Prophet Mohammad flew there at night on a winged horse, then, by that same token, Jews have a god-given right to claim the Land of Israel as their own, and Jerusalem as their Eternal Capital as stated in the Old Testament.

Further, I do not consider for one moment the Arab propaganda line of 48 years, happily lapped up by financially dependent Europe and the west, that the “West Bank” is territory occupied by Israel which must be returned to “Palestine”. It was never wrested from “Palestine” in the first place, since the political term was only coined by the Arab League in 1964. Thus, the territories are neither occupied nor are they Palestinian. No legal determination has ever been made as to their sovereignty. In international law, they are no more than ‘disputed’ pending a negotiated solution, where “disputed” is light years away from “illegal.”

What’s immoral and illegal is the Arab Muslim lobby’s almost 50 year largely unanswered propaganda campaign in the ongoing dispute to frame Israel as a criminal state worthy of the most extreme boycotts and condemnations.

History never changes, no matter what you’d like your version of events to be.

And history shows as incontrovertible, that the West Bank was returned to Israel sovereignty (under international law) in 1967, after Jordan, despite numerous Israeli pleas to desist, decided to join in and “massacre” the Jews under the pan-Arab leaderships of Egypt and Syria.

Thus, the West Bank was liberated from the Jordanians some 17 years after the Jordanians illegally invaded and occupied the west bank of the river and annexed East Jerusalem to boot in flagrant violation of international law in 1948. That same international law from the 1920s, where the international community acknowledged, in the Mandate for Palestine, the historical, cultural and spiritual need to restore the Jewish national homeland by settling the Jews in what is now Israel, the West Bank and Gaza (AND, until the British split Palestine in 1921, what used to be Cis-Jordan {When u realise ‘cis’ actually means “this side”, ie the so-called Jordanian named “west bank” (!!!), you begin to more fully appreciate the extent of the success of the Arab Muslim world’s inversion of international law, morality and history…}). That same international law and mandate which created the Arab Muslim states of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq out of the decaying Ottoman Empire, and the one that also created legal framework for the formation the world’s only Jewish state. Till now, that legal Jewish right to settle all the land has never been abrogated.

So, if the historical and legal right of Jews to legally form a Jewish state in international which also created Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, then the Arab Muslim anti-semitic propaganda machine over the past 45 years or so loses a lot more of its gloss and credibility. Additionally, it highlights the hypocrisy of the Europe and the West who studiously ignored an ongoing inversion of historical fact and legal and moral right in exchange for Arab support funded by their vast oil wealth and Arab monetary investment in Europe.

FM Hotovely [and the entire Israeli government] on one side and organisations like Canary Mission on the other have finally recognized the extent of the incremental damage done in the last 50 years by the Arab Muslim lobby and are beginning a coordinated pushback.

I can do no better than quote David Suissa (2015) who correctly states: “Israel’s best hope [now] is to fight back by making a compelling legal case in international courts, while unleashing a global diplomatic offensive around this clear and simple message: According to international law, Israel has a legal right to settle in the West Bank. After 45 years, Israeli settlements account for less than 2% of the territories. Our willingness to dismantle settlements and give up precious land for a hope of peace– which we’ve demonstrated in the past– is not an endorsement of the spurious accusation that settlements are illegal. It’s a statement of how much we value peace.”

However, the Arab Muslim narrative with regards to the ME conflict, while demonstrably morally bankrupt and factually untrue, has maintained its support in the broader public consciousness.
The reason for this is that people love the idea of rooting for the underdog. This is especially true of people who know the least about an issue. As in the incredibly diverse understandings about the notion of multiculturalism in the west, those who support the Arab narrative of Jews as invaders are in direct proportion to their lack of knowledge about it.

Arab Muslim propaganda has (very successfully) positioned itself as an underdog in its ancient Quranic inspired hatred of the Jewish state, and the Jewish state’s military victories against numerically superior odds in major wars in 1948, 1967 and 1973 have only served to underpin the Arab Muslim version of the Israeli-Arab narrative.

The facts, however, as Melanie Phillips so correctly states, are that, – “…fuelled by ignorance and a five-decade propaganda campaign based on a total inversion of history – (the undereducated believe) that the Jews in Israel are interlopers into a land that historically belonged as of right to Palestinian Muslims.”

Islam is not like Judaism or Christianity or any other major world religion for that matter. Because of the west’s obsession with political correctness, Western liberals are afraid to admit that massive distinctions do actually exist between the main world religions. Islam, and particularly political Islam (Islamism) “…encourages an “Us vs. Them” mentality in which the potential for conflict increases and animosity between cultures only deepens as a result” (Harris, 2014). “Interfaith” congregations is just a means to an end…..

Like no other current world religion, Islam has a clear doctrine of jihad and martyrdom. In this, it is trying very hard to tie into the long-abandoned Christian (and Jewish, for that matter) notion of martyrdom (the basis of another paper perhaps…) and thus co-opt, through imagined ‘brotherhood’, a further over 2.8 billion Christians globally to get rid of the Jewish menace……

Zionism, Judaism and the State of Israel have never subscribed to a policy of expansion and regional dominance or hegemony. The same cannot be said of Islam past or Islam present.

As Sam Harris pointed out in October, 2014, “…“If you go and read the Koran, sit back, afterwards, then honestly ask yourself: what would Muhammad want?” says Harris, “the result is something that actually looks a lot more like ISIS, and not like Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, or {the Dalai Lama}. And if we don’t admit that to ourselves, we shouldn’t then be surprised that {politicised Muslims and their supporters} who have the benefit of a Western education, and all the economic opportunity that one could need, get up one day and decide: I’m going to fight…and kill apostates, because I want to get into paradise.”

Jews are apostates who would not accept Mohammad as the Final Messenger, and so Islam is beholden to wiping them out.

The Arab-Israeli war in the 21st century is that ancient conflict by myriad other names, and calling it “Palestinian homeland” or “fighting an ‘occupation’ ” or a “two-state policy” is naught, in its current political iterations, but a “ …cosmic war, to spread the one true faith — whether it is on a local or a global level.” (Sam Harris, 2014)

Phillips, France, Harris and the Czech Republic (to name a few) see the true intention of Arab Muslim initiatives such as the right of return, a bi-national state, BDS, the Failed FIFA initiative, the formation of the State of Palestine, and the two-state solution for what they really are: anti-semitic political Islam, Islamism, Muslim extremism, Islamic hegemony, or anything else you care to call it.

The main point is that it’s Islamic to the core; a position the Quran encourages based on the prophecy that history will not be fulfilled until all the Jews are eradicated.

And people like Phillips, Pipes, Karsh and Robert Spencer and countries like Canada, Australia, France and Britain have begun the pushback in earnest because, as Grierson puts it, they see the unchallenged Arab Muslim world’s (very successful) propaganda campaign for what it was always intended to be: “The oblique paradox of {a false} propaganda that lies in the throat which becomes, by repetition, the truth in the heart.” John Grierson (1898-1972)[H/T Swedish Surveyor]