Initial Considerations About the Current Israeli – Palestinian Conflict

As a prelude to writing a (series of??!) fuller piece(s) addressing this topic, I have outlined below a conceptual framework within which to consider the issue.

  1. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is a residue of the broader arab israeli conflict.
  2. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is less about national “palestinian” identity than it is about the rejection of a Jewish identity in its historical heartland.
  3. The “palestinian” conflict is entirely about delegitimisation of Jewish claims to the Southern Levant. To whit, arafats infamous statement at Camp David that Solomons Temple was never in Jerusalem, but, rather, in Nablus…..
  4. The Israeli Palestinian conflict has, from the Judean arab perspective, morphed into antisemitic jihadi ideology based on conservative Wahabism.
  5. The “palestinian” leadership in Gaza and Ramallah are influenced by radical and violent Muslim Brotherhood conservatism in the former and blatant antisemitic tropes and jihadism respectively in the latter.
  6. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is about the inability of Israel to meet the minimum demands set by the Palestinians in return for declaring an end to the conflict. That is, Ramallah states that that minimum demand is that the borders go back, not to 1967 Green Line, but to the 1948 parameters when, according to the Arabs, a great historical wrong was enacted in the creation of the Jewish state.
  7. The Israeli Palestinian conflict has nothing to do with Israeli withdrawal ftom the “West Bank” OR Gaza. Five Arab armies in 1948 intent on annihilating the Jewish state show that reasoning to be a lie.
  8. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is not about illegal settlements which violate international law. IVGC, drafted in relation to WWII has no bearing or relevance whatsoever to this ME conflict where Israel’s policy is fully consistent with international where non privately owned public land is used for settlement and/or agriculture.
  9. The Israeli Palestinian conflict no longer has much to do with the Oslo accords given the Arab activation of the 2nd intifada even as the provisional settlement papers were being signed on the White House lawn .
  10. From the Judean Arab perspective, the Israel Palestinian conflict is a religious conflict as witnessed by the plethora of calls by the muslims to protect “al Aqsa” (its not under attack or being “stormed” by anybody…) and/or the “judaisation” of Jerusalem (the CAPITAL of the worlds only Jewish state…)
  11. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is not about a moderate Arab leadership being victimised by a wannabe hegemonic Jewish state. Even without terror entity Hamas’ incitement, Ramallah engages in an officially sanctioned policy of “de-normalisation” vis a vis Israel.
  12. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is not about finding a dialogue of compromise (cf israeli offers of 2000 and 2008).
  13. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is not about finding a peaceful solution from ramallahs perspective if that solution means Israel continues to exist and any arab leader who came to such an agreement would never be forgiven.
  14. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is effectively a battle for historical truth
  15. TThe Israeli Palestinian conflict is currently also about a secret archaeological war given the PLO/PA’s ongiing creed of Temple Denial on 2 contradictory tracks: the first track being that Solomons Temple was fictitious; and the second track where the arabs continue to attempt to destroy all aracheological evidence proving otherwise…..
  16. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is also about containing islamist fascism and regional totalitarianism in the region per the Gaza model and the proliferatiin of yet more failed putative Muslim Arab states per the Ramallah model.
  17. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is a continuation of the Arafat model where Ramallah postures as an authentic moderate leader while at the same time encouraging the waging of terror operations.
  18. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is a struggle by Israel to counter, in 2022, the most successful antisemitic import into the muslim arab world: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This Czarist fabricated publication played a major part in introducing Muslim majority societies to the concept of the treacherous Jew; a concept amplified by the actions of Hitlers mufti and Arafats uncle, sheikh Amin al Husseini and then later taken up by al Bana in Egypt (circa 1930s) and, later, by Sayyid Qutb (Our Struggle with the Jews, 1951).
  19. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is about the failure of the international community to acknowledge that the legal and political nature of the “West Bank” and the Gaza strip have undergone critical change: Salafist Wahabism in the former and hard left neo communist jihadi terrorism in the latter, essentially using the mantle of modern, “woke” “anti-Zionism” to cloak a classic national socialist antisemitism.
  20. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is an arm wrestle between jihadi Muslim conspiracism (where in the the jihadist worldview and belief, much of the world is engaged in a concerted effort to destroy Islam and where anyone who does not share their understanding of the world in its entirety is a kafir (disbeliever)), and the startling similarities between Muslim jihadi movements and white extreme right supremacist ideology (as it relates to their belief in a conspiracy in the Western world to undermine, take power away from, and eventually destroy what they define as the white race).
  21. And finally, the Israeli Palestinian conflict continues because the international community does not believe that Oslo is dead and, while Israel and the Judean Arabs need separation, the two state solution as a viable model really is also dead.

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