Centrality and Chaos

It is an oft-repeated trope that solving the Israel-arab conflict will make for a peaceful Middle East. Combined with the Messianic zeal John Kerry applies this principle togehter with Barack Obama’s inability to see Muslim terror anywhere in the world, we have a flawed and deadly American foreign policy that has failed consistently over the last six years.

The myth of ME centrality (and “palestinian” centrality for that matter) to the region’s troubles are just that, a myth. The core issue is a renascent political and ideologised Islam, as opposed to the religious Islam we are familiar with till now, which truly believes that the time to once again reinstate the caliphate has really arrived.

Shia Iran’s push for regional hegemony and nuclear club membership is very much part of original Islam (as also followed by Sunni ISIS, ironically…) which believes that the 12th Imam, the Mehdi, will arrive and there will be a final great battle ( in the Syrian village flat lands of Dabiq) against “Rome”.
In todays context, one would imagine that Dabiq is the ISIL arena of action in Syria and Iraq, while Rome stands for the non-muslim (so far) West.

This is not pie in the sky stuff. It is current interpretation of early Mohammedanism and it is being translated into a 21st century reality political reality through violence. While Europe and America (in that order) slept.


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