C.R.A.P – Countering Racist Anti-israel Propaganda

Welcome to this inaugral blog of C.R.A.P. dated 26th May 2014.
Over the past 40 years or so, there has been a steady increase in the volume of increasingly strident anti-Israel propaganda.
The issue is that it is also propaganda which has a more sinister goal at its core: the demonisation and de-legitimisation of a sovereign country voted into existence under international law and, by extension, the de-legitimisation of the rights of an ancient indigenous, dispersed people’s religious and cultural identity in their spiritual and cultural homeland.

That country is the State of Israel; the people are Jews the world over.

C.R.A.P now enjoins the battle for the hearts and minds of the thinking reader in the fight against religious racism and a monopolising Islamic media and cultural hegemony in Australia, Europe and North America.
Check back here if you find material of interest on the blog.
There is never smoke without fire, and the flames of a growing, virulent anti-semitism need to be doused before they develop again into the furnaces of Europe in the 1940s…….


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